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Building Blocks of Content Marketing

content marketing

2015 has seen more content creation than ever before – 70% of marketers today are creating more content than last year. Creating meaningful and rich content is a key foundation to great marketing. In today’s viral age, there are many media channels to choose from when targeting customers with content.  How can you create the […]

How Agile Data Management Enpowers Everybody

Information is power, especially when success in this day and age depends on quick access to information.  Everyone, ranging from top-level strategists, market research teams, product development task forces, to technical support and contact center staff need real-time data at their fingertips to achieve their business goals. Agile business intelligence reflects this new approach to […]

customers + engagement = revenue

The equation is simple: customers + engagement = revenue The obvious focus of every organization is to remain in business and, beyond that, improve business. But, the former comes before the latter as a fact of nature. Another fact in the art of creating a sustainable business model is that the success of an organization […]