Building Blocks of Content Marketing

content marketing

2015 has seen more content creation than ever before – 70% of marketers today are creating more content than last year. Creating meaningful and rich content is a key foundation to great marketing. In today’s viral age, there are many media channels to choose from when targeting customers with content.  How can you create the best content for your business?

Creating a strategy for content distribution is vital for differentiation. Placing content in different channels will bring value to various audiences. Whether email, social media, or SEO, a strategy allows you to target customers at key points in their lifecycle with your organization.

Developing a content marketing strategy starts with laying out three core building blocks:

1.) Discovering Who You Are

  • Are you a brand, a product, a culture? You must determine how to portray yourself to capture maximum audience attention.

2.) Determining Your Reach

  • Whom are you targeting through your efforts? Determine your target audience and the customer journey they will take with your brand/product/service.

3.) Delivering Results

  • What are you trying to accomplish? Setting guidelines or metrics for success will allow you to reach content marketing goals.

Content marketing can be amplified through the use of relevant visuals as well. Visuals attract an audience to the content, boosting promotion through word of mouth, likes, comments, and shares – depending on the channel of distribution. Infographics serve as a great combination of visuals that express key content objectives to the audience.

Lastly, as you develop yourself into a content marketing guru, it will help to document your journey.  You can gauge your effectiveness in reaching your customers, as well as expand upon past successes.

To continue furthering business goals, you need to reach for new heights with content marketing. The sky is the limit in building a strategy for your endeavors.

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