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Building Blocks of Content Marketing

content marketing

2015 has seen more content creation than ever before – 70% of marketers today are creating more content than last year. Creating meaningful and rich content is a key foundation to great marketing. In today’s viral age, there are many media channels to choose from when targeting customers with content.  How can you create the […]

Maximizing Social Platforms for Business Needs

social platforms for business needs

With over one billion Facebook and 360 million LinkedIn members worldwide, social websites have profoundly changed the way our society interacts. Although both are commonly known for social and professional interactions, the benefits of using social platforms for business needs is on the rise. If you are planning to use Facebook and/or LinkedIn for business […]

Why Visuals Make Your Content Marketing More Effective

We no longer experience the digestion of Internet content the way it was once delivered – back when the Internet solely gave us white backgrounds with paragraphs of Times New Roman text pasted on top. If you aren’t integrating graphics into your social media posts, blogs, or website content, it’s time to fix the flux […]