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The Importance of a Seamless Touchpoint Experience

Customer experience is considered a top strategic priority by 93% of the respondents in a Forrester’s Q4 2011 Global Customer Experience Peer Research Panel Online Survey. With the multitude of touchpoints available today, most customers are often split between the many choices. Most often, they end up accessing the internet using the touchpoint that is […]

Email’s Role in Marketing Automation

Email has been rated as the most successful digital marketing and engagement tool by 67% of marketers worldwide, shown by the May 2012 data from the Chief Marketing Officer Council. This finding is also supported by the June statistics from Direct Marketing Association (DMA), which reveal higher open rates and clickthrough rates for emails sent […]

A Look Into Lead Nurturing

In the mad scramble to generate leads, companies may actually be bleeding money rather than gaining it. This is where analytics come in. The analytics engine in marketing automation software suites, fed with past results or experiences, scours the database of incoming leads and assigns points for each predetermined attribute to determine the potential value of […]

Customer Award Programs: The Benefits and Pitfalls

A customer is the best critic your business can have. So, it’s critical to engage your customers in a consistent and respectable manner to get suggestions, feedback, testimonials, and, eventually, brand advocacy. The National Bank of Oman, for instance, launched an “NBO Customer Consultant Award”, which consisted of a cash prize and certificate to customers who […]

Split-test Lead Nurturing Cadence for Improved Response

What would happen if you changed the cadence of your multi-step lead nurturing campaign?  How would changing the campaign tempo affect response rates, sales conversions, opt-outs, etc? We were asking these questions of our own lead nurturing campaign at Right On Interactive.  We ran a test and realized a significant increase in campaign performance.  I’d […]