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Customer Personas and Sliced Bread

We can all learn a thing or two from sliced bread. The common household food [...]

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How to Focus on the Customer Service Journey

We all take a journey as we embark on any new relationship. From personal to [...]

Expert Interview Series: Tyler Williams on Keeping Your Clients

This post was originally published on Media Shower’s site.  Do you know what single act is [...]

Why Engagement is Half of the Revenue Equation

Customers + Engagement = Revenue The obvious focus of every organization is to remain in [...]

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The Value of Social Media Engagement for your Business

Many marketing teams struggle to prove social media’s worth to the c-suite because there is [...]

Growing Your Customer Brand Loyalty Base

Do you care more about getting new business or retaining existing customers? If you are [...]

How to Engage Better in a Multi-Touch Point World

The influx of smart phones and tablets means more and more consumers are accessing the [...]

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Improving Open Rates for Email Marketing Campaigns

I remember the day our weekly marketing report to the CEO of the company I [...]


Big Data Increases the ROI of Lead Generation and Engagement Initiatives

Big data has opened up a world of possibilities and among them is identifying the ideal [...]

The Key to Searching Campaign Automation

I am the low man on the totem pole. I am an intern and being [...]