The Key to Searching Campaign Automation


I am the low man on the totem pole. I am an intern and being an intern means there will be growing pains. I make mistakes and learn from them. A major part of what I have been doing is research for a multitude of things. While researching, the use of search engines is key. Word choice in a search engine can either make life easier or more difficult.

It’s a game. Can I pick the word that is being used most frequently to describe the idea I am researching? An example, “campaign automation” could be any multitude of things in someone else’s mind. This is proven in the breakdown of regional phrases and words we use every day (here is survey from the New York Times showing how the words you use can place you regionally). Even though we may speak the same language, what someone says in Indianapolis and can mean something entirely different in London.

For instance, “campaign automation” could refer to political, marketing, sales or fundraising campaigns. However, when my supervisor says it, I know to look at marketing automation campaigns specifically. Unfortunately, as I found out, it’s not the best keyword. Searching for “marketing campaign automation” results in a list of products that automate campaign automation. Where as typing “email automation” also results in a few products but one of the top search results is a way to use email automation. Looking at a subset of a category often results in more exact results. This is how a search should start.

Including articles, research, or statistics are easy ways to often find more descriptive information. With content flooding in from tons of sources, me included, the information is most likely out there — although finding it may involve some guesswork.

So what is campaign automation and why is it important?

To be blunt, campaign automation can be a marketers best friend — whether it is a basic email campaign or a more complex marketing mix. The importance of campaign automation is two-fold: 1) It can allow marketers to be more efficient in their programming (i.e. do more with your time); and 2) Campaign analytics are a great way for marketers to evaluate themselves and their content. Not only can analytics such as open rates, CTRs (click through rates) and unsubscribes provide a deeper understanding of how an audience is engaging with a communication, but such activity can impact engagement scores. The value here is incredible for marketers because the more engaged a prospect is, the more likely they are to become a customer.

Engaged relationships drive long-term revenue. That’s just one way Right On Interactive works with clients to create customers for life — by building engagement through automated campaigns.

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