Giving Thanks for Apps and Organization

apps and organization

As I prepare for my family’s annual Thanksgiving holiday traditions this week, I thought it only appropriate to share with you my recipe for marketing (and business success). These apps, and no – I’m not talking about appetizers, are literally what I use every day to organize myself and my team as we embark on our mission to tell the world about the benefits of Customer Lifecycle Marketing.

  1. Murally ( Not quite sure where to start your brainstorming session? Reluctant to draw everything out on a conference room white board? Fear not! Murally allows you to visually organize your thoughts in one place. What I love most is the opportunity to collaborate with team members, no matter where they are, and actually see everyone’s input not as a comment but as a component of the bigger picture. SO COOL!
  2. Ghostery ( We all talk about transparency but Ghostery takes it to a whole new level with solutions for businesses and consumers. Ghostery exposes and helps you to eliminate “digital blind spots.” By downloading their app, I can see what’s running on my website (i.e., Google AdWords, Twitter Button, Crazy Egg, etc…) as well as the other websites I frequent. I can also control the types of apps I will allow to run on the pages I visit. It’s definitely worth checking out!
  3. Boomerang ( Do you use HootSuite or TweetDeck? Then you’ll love this one! Boomerang schedules emails for you via your Gmail account. You also get response tracking, the ability to automatically send recurring messages and read receipts. Not to mention, you can schedule messages on the go with their mobile app.
  4. Browserbite ( Earlier this year, Right On Interactive launched a new website. As you may imagine, we did a great deal of testing and I found Browserbite to be incredibly helpful. This app tests websites in 15 different browsers with just one click. It’s also great for testing landing pages!
  5. Pocket ( My inbox was, quite possibly, on it’s way to becoming a national disaster. I kept emails (some more than a year old) because they included interesting articles and links to videos that I didn’t want to lose. Consequently, I couldn’t ever really find them either. Pocket saved me and my inbox! I use it to save articles and videos that I find (or are sent to me) to take a look at later… even offline. I can also share articles I’m reading on Pocket with my Twitter followers. It has truly been a lifesaver!

So, there you have it! I hope maybe I’ve made you aware of a few new apps and tools to try, and I would love it if you could share your recommendations in a comment as well!

Be safe this Thanksgiving holiday!