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Social Media Engagement, So What?

Social Media Engagement

“Oh my goodness! Social media is blowing up today!” How many times have you giddily shared a similar statement to the one above? Whether it’s your personal accounts or the company accounts that you manage, social media engagement in the form of favorites, shares, likes, and retweets can be very exciting and gratifying. However, unless these […]

Multichannel Marketing: How to Go Beyond the Buzzword

Multichannel Marketing

A lot of marketers like love to use the phrase “multichannel marketing.” Not many marketers admit that this phrase is overused. This phrase is overused! We all have that boss, colleague, or friend who speaks exclusively in business cliches, right? Phrases like the following tend to make me cringe: “Move the needle,” “Too many cooks […]

The Value of Social Media Engagement for your Business

Value of Social Media Engagement

Many marketing teams struggle to prove social media’s worth to the c-suite because there is no way to truly measure the impact of it. Impressions don’t necessarily lead to purchases, and customer engagement can be both positive and negative. It’s difficult to measure — and for a group of people who rely heavily on numbers […]