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Top 4: Marketing Data Integration Benefits

data integration

Integration of marketing data and creating a “one view” of your prospects and customers is one of the most underestimated tasks in marketing. Good marketing automation solutions can capture data from various sources such as email tracking, campaign history, website views, sales activity, social media engagement, and other transactional systems.  A true “Lifecycle Marketing” solution can […]

New Lifecycle Marketing E-book!


Is your company trying to shorten their sales cycle? Are they striving to generate new business while retaining current customers? Right On Interactive is now introducing its newest E-book: Lifecycle Marketing 101: What Every B2B Marketer Needs to Know About CLM! With this ebook, B2B marketers, senior executives, sales enablement professionals, or those seeking to know […]

How Do Life Events Trigger Lifecycle Marketing?

trigger lifecycle marketing

The parents who learned of their teenage daughter’s pregnancy through Target’s direct marketing of baby products may have been spot on, but it does not necessarily portray marketers in a positive light. But despite Target letting the stork out of the bag, it does give you a good indication of how sophisticated marketers have become […]

Track the Effectiveness of Social Media to Derive its Benefits


While B2B marketers have embraced social media in a big way, many struggle with delivering intended results, or determining the effectiveness of social media. While the assortment of channels are great for directly connecting with customers in a cost efficient manner, a major reason for social media skepticism is the difficulties associated with measuring ROI. […]

Sales Tips For Every Customer Lifecycle Stage – Part II

Sales Tips For Every Customer Lifecycle Stage

Welcome back! Reflecting on Sales Tips For Every Customer Lifecycle Stage – Part I, we explored the first two stages within the B2B customer lifecycle journey: Attract and Convert. Let’s recap: we live in an age where we expect content to be relevant and personalized to us. For instance, first time buyers will need basic product information, […]

Identifying the Customer Lifecycle

Identifying the Customer Lifecycle

Identifying the customer lifecycle is growing more and more important by the day for modern marketers.  Most marketing and sales professionals can probably identify a basic brand journey for all of their prospects, clients, and everyone in between. But how is the customer lifecycle unique for each company and why does it matter for the modern […]

A Visual Breakdown of Lifecycle Marketing

Breakdown of Lifecycle Marketing

In your search to learn more about marketing automation, you may have come across the term “lifecycle marketing.”  If the numerous marketing automation softwares out there are unfamiliar to you, it may be another term that you are trying to understand in your attempt to uncover the best marketing tech solution for your business. So how does […]

Construction Marketing that Builds Revenue

construction marketing

Welcome back to the final chapter of this blog regarding today’s construction industry landscape. So far we have covered the problem with “batch and blast” emails, capitalizing on your website, and the bid process being a poor example of “sales and marketing.” Relationships and Pricing Have you ever been told that you lost a bid […]

Six Steps to Lifecycle Marketing Campaign Management

lifecycle marketing campaign management

Lifecycle marketing campaign management isn’t too different from it’s predecessor, email marketing campaign management. After all, without email marketing and marketing automation, lifecycle marketing wouldn’t be possible. However, unlike most campaign management solutions, lifecycle marketing focuses on customer lifetime value and not lead generation. Certainly, lead generation is an important step in creating a customer […]

The Benefits of a Lifecycle Marketing Solution

Right On Interactive and partner Education Services Group just published an infographic: The Roadmap to Lifecycle Movement. This new infographic illustrates the benefits of a lifecycle marketing solution, while demonstrating how different organizations can create the various lifecycle stages, migrating their prospects to customers for life. While many marketers find it important to automate their marketing efforts, most […]