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How to Avoid the Spam Folder

How to Avoid the Spam Folder You spend hours writing content and developing the perfect email template for your message. You test it once, twice, maybe even three times to be sure the images render correctly and all the links work, sending recipients to your desired website locations. You have your segment of contacts ready […]

Six Steps to Lifecycle Marketing Campaign Management

lifecycle marketing campaign management

Lifecycle marketing campaign management isn’t too different from it’s predecessor, email marketing campaign management. After all, without email marketing and marketing automation, lifecycle marketing wouldn’t be possible. However, unlike most campaign management solutions, lifecycle marketing focuses on customer lifetime value and not lead generation. Certainly, lead generation is an important step in creating a customer […]

Tips for Automated Campaign Success

With 78% of successful marketers saying marketing automation systems are most responsible for improving revenue contribution, it’s important to not only have a marketing automation platform, but to be able to effectively utilize that platform. So what exactly can you do to ensure you are automating your campaigns successfully? Below are a handful of tips […]