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You Need Lifecycle Marketing

you need lifecycle marketing

Back in 2014, I wrote a blog post on why organizations should refocus on lifecycle marketing. Two years later and I’m still singing the same song — not because it’s the only one I know but because lifecycle marketing is a strategy any organization can (and should) implement as campaigns become more complex and tactics […]

Bilbo Baggins and the Customer Journey. Wait, what!?

the Customer Journey

Like it or not, your customers are on a journey with your brand with or without you. If you have seen The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, you can picture your customers and prospects behaving similarly to the excited Bilbo Baggins as he runs out of his home shouting, “I’m going on an adventure!” As modern […]

Identifying the Customer Lifecycle

Identifying the Customer Lifecycle

Identifying the customer lifecycle is growing more and more important by the day for modern marketers.  Most marketing and sales professionals can probably identify a basic brand journey for all of their prospects, clients, and everyone in between. But how is the customer lifecycle unique for each company and why does it matter for the modern […]