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The New Marketing Paradigm

Change is the only constant in today’s world. New paradigms constantly replace old ones and what worked well in the past is either obsolete or on its way to obsolesce. Marketers need to understand this fact and change their strategies and practices accordingly. While almost all marketers have leveraged the advantages offered by technology, such […]

How Marketers Can Make a Smooth Transition to Customer Lifecycle Approach

Forrester Research estimates that almost half of all B2B marketers close fewer than 4 percent of marketing generated leads. The bulk of the sales now come from sources such as referrals, upsells and repeats, which are outside the conventional funnel. The focus of new-age marketers is therefore customer lifecycle marketing, or engaging the prospect throughout […]

The Age of the Informed Marketer: Are You In?

In the past 10 years, no job has changed as much as the marketer’s. The rise and fall of various social media channels, the influx of consumer-generated content, the exponential growth of accessible data and the availability of technology tools and solutions for marketers are calling for a new kind of marketer–what I like to call the “Informed Marketer.”

Overcoming Roadblocks to Implementing a Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is the new “king” of B2B marketing efforts. However, successful content marketing requires marketers to adopt effective content curation techniques. That means finding, organizing and sharing the relevant information to the right audience when they’re hungry for it. This is a basic requirement for lifecycle marketers looking to develop new leads or engage […]

Measuring the Effectiveness of the Marketing Campaign

While lead generation and nurturing are core activities for any marketer, many marketers get carried away with such activities to the extent that they do not pause and take stock. Even if the marketer is doing a decent job in generating and nurturing leads, such efforts may become an exercise in futility or even counterproductive […]