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Lifecycle Campaign: Two words that don’t belong together

‘Lifecycle Marketing’ is the new hot, buzz worthy phrase in the marketing world. There is so much hype coming from every angle around lifecycle marketing but the question people most frequently ask me is, “What is Lifecycle Marketing?” Lifecycle Marketing, or Customer Lifecycle Marketing as I like to call it, is about the entire journey a […]

The Importance of Lifecycle Stage Conversion

Lifecycle marketing provides new perspective and return on investment, but only with the necessary due diligence. Creating a solid, yet flexible marketing strategy that deeply integrates business functions isn’t easy, but it’s a necessary shift to measure true customer conversion rates. The most common barrier I see as a Client Success Manager, is integrating email […]

ROI’s Rules to Growing the Right Relationships

This blog post is the final in a series of four on how customer lifecycle marketing works for marketers and organizations seeking to increase revenue and grow loyal customer relationships. Over the past few weeks, I have shared with you a marketing love story to explain the difference between the outdated marketing funnel and lifecycle marketing. We have […]

Keeping Customers Happy

This blog post is the third in a series of four on how customer lifecycle marketing works for marketers and organizations seeking to increase revenue and grow loyal customer relationships. Last month, I shared with you a marketing love story to help explain the difference between the traditional marketing approach and customer lifecycle marketing. Then, I shared […]

Building Relationships & Revenue with Lifecycle Marketing

According to Inc., the average spend of a repeat customer is 67% more than a new one. Yet, many marketers are still tasked with driving new business as part of their measurable objectives. With lifecycle marketing, organizations can continue to focus on winning new business while keeping current customers and growing the right relationships = […]

TweetChat: Building Customer Trust

Building customer trust is a necessity in the “Age of the Customer.” Described recently by Jim Balsingame for Forbes, “this new Age was born as micro-computers and associated innovations converged with high-speed Internet and associated applications. As this convergence shifts marketplace paradigms, it conveys the balance of power from the seller to the customer.” When […]

TweetChat: Relationship Building 101

The average spend of a repeat customer is a 67% more than a new one but marketers are, in general, still evaluated on the number of leads they are able to generate day after day, quarter after quarter. So how can marketers and salespeople alike win new business but also engage customers in meaningful interactions that […]

8 Simple Things That Quickly Lead to Customer Loyalty & Retention

I can’t think of a single company that couldn’t improve their customer relations and loyalty programs.  True, there are amazing examples of world-class customer programs out there.  From Zappos to Zingerman’s, there’s plenty to observe and emulate. But generally, I find that companies either completely under-invest in the customer side of marketing (vs. acquisition marketing), […]

TweetChat: Embracing Customer Differences

No two customers are alike and neither is their path to purchase. Long gone are the days of the funnel where each and every prospects enters the buying process at the same stage and advances to the next in sequence until they make a purchase. The “path to purchase” is no longer a linear transition […]

Meaningful Customer Growth

Consistent, constructive communication is essential for any organization to achieve true client satisfaction and growth. Engaged relationships are at the root of loyal customers. One primary goal of ROI’s Client Success Team is to teach users how to best utilize their Customer Lifecycle Marketing platform, and encourage growth in their knowledge and understanding of the […]