TweetChat: Embracing Customer Differences

spaghetti bowlNo two customers are alike and neither is their path to purchase. Long gone are the days of the funnel where each and every prospects enters the buying process at the same stage and advances to the next in sequence until they make a purchase. The “path to purchase” is no longer a linear transition from stage to stage but more of a spaghetti bowl of fragmented and convoluted customer journeys.

With all these different, fragmented customer journeys comes customer differences ranging from profile attributes to levels of engagement and even lifecycle stages. At any one point in time, marketers and salespeople alike can be engaging with members of the C-suite or directors and other middle managers, solid contacts or strangers, or even contacts who just heard about a product or service and loyal customers.

How can marketing and sales teams embrace these customer differences and use them to the organization’s advantage?

Join Right On Interactive this Wednesday at 2:00pm EST, as we discuss how organizations of all sizes and business types can embrace customer differences to win, keep and grow more business. Learn the benefits of customer lifecycle marketing, segmentation and 3D Scoring.

TweetChat: Embracing Customer Differences

Date: Wednesday, April 9
Time: 2:00pm EST
Where: #ROImktg

I look forward to tweeting with you soon!