TweetChat: Building Customer Trust

Building customer trust is a necessity in the “Age of the Customer.” Described recently by Jim Balsingame for Forbes, “this new Age was born as micro-computers and associated innovations converged with high-speed Internet and associated applications. As this convergence shifts marketplace paradigms, it conveys the balance of power from the seller to the customer.”

When customers have all the power, sellers have to work harder to offer solutions and benefits that resonate with buyers. Gone are the days of the customer walking into a store unsure of what they needed until they met with a salesperson who pitched them the latest and greatest whats-it. Customers today, by in large, know what they are buying before ever walking into a store — making reputation, referrals and reviews critical to the success of any brand.

It’s no secret brands with solid reputations, lots of referral business and masses of positive online reviews have built strong relationships with customers. Relationships built on trust. Trust is something that is earned, not given. It can mean the difference between one-time purchases and brand loyalty. People buy goods and services from people they trust. So how can brands begin building customer trust and remain committed to maintaining relationships with customers throughout their lifecycle or customer journey?


Join Right On Interactive this Wednesday, April 23 at 2:00pm ET as we discuss methods for building customer trust in today’s digital and skeptical world. We’ll dive into topics such as how can B2B and B2C organizations can cause customers to believe they have their best interests at heart and the true value of buzzwords like “transparency.” In addition, learn how to have a real dialog that results in customer engagement instead of mindless sales activity.

TweetChat: Building Customer Trust

Date: Wednesday, April 23
Time: 2:00pm EST
Where: #ROImktg

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