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Creating Content to Keep Customers

There seems to be an increasing focus when dealing with content creation on engagement, and rightfully so. To be blunt: Creating uninteresting content is a waste of time and money. However, engagement can’t be the end all be all of content creation goals. Your content has to help you retain audience, and keeping audience helps […]

TweetChat: One to One Messaging or Batch and Blast?

The Direct Marketing Association has been advocating the value of email marketing for years, noting on average, for every dollar spent marketers see a return of more than $40. There are a number of reasons for this. Most notably, email offers the ability to not only reach a vast number of people, but also to […]

2013: The Year of Marketing Automation

Move over Big Data. Marketing automation became the new buzzword with marketers this year. The Marketing Automation: Best Practices for the Management of B2B Digital Marketing Campaigns report confirms the obvious as it discloses that 46% of all B2B marketers have already adopted marketing automation solutions in some form or another, and another 20% are actively evaluating […]

The Branding Route to Lead Generation

The B2C marketer works hard to build a brand, creating a positive brand image that may not yield immediate sales, but will bring in long-term benefits. Customers in need of a product would rather trust the brand they have established a relationship with rather than an unknown product. B2B marketers may need to emulate their […]

Do you use email?

What better way to celebrate Halloween than by discussing the scariest question I’ve ever heard in my years of working with technology and higher education… “Do you use email?” (Insert screams of terror here) I typically create marketing content on customer lifecycle marketing, marketing automation, lead scoring, email marketing, campaign management, big data, and the […]

Marketers Need to Master the Mobile Space

I recently gave up my iPhone for an Android phone. My biggest reason? Screen size. Filling out online forms and reading blogs or articles that were not formatted for mobile users is extremely difficult on any phone, but my hope is a larger screen will help with that. Obviously, I’m not the only one browsing […]

Twitter Confirms it’s the Social Channel of Choice for B2B Marketers

Analytics is the flavor of the season, as marketers try to make sense of the ever mounting loads of data at their disposal. Data is growing at an exponential rate, as people interact more with social networks and other digital touchpoints. For the marketer, every interaction generates data that offers valuable insights into a customer […]

How B2B Marketers Can Adapt

The world of marketing is in a state of continuous churn. Changes in customer behavior bring forth new paradigms by the day, rendering previous ones obsolete. It is not enough that a marketer simply adapts to change. They have to embrace change as a routine, and more often than not, implement change in real-time. The net […]

Forrester Survey Highlights the Wrong Approaches Towards Content Marketing

The importance of content marketing can’t be understated. The right content plays a big role in accelerating prospects through the marketing lifecycle, especially when it’s relevant and delivered at the right time. However, Forrester’s Q4 2012 US and Europe B2B Marketing Tactics and Benchmarks Online Survey reveals that many B2B marketers still have a long […]

How Twitter Helps B2B Marketers

Twitter, with an estimated user base of 200+ million users, now ranks amongst the most popular social media channel. More and more people now use tweets to express themselves or broadcast their messages, and marketers have joined the bandwagon big time. Marketers use social media in two ways: to spread the word about their products […]