How Twitter Helps B2B Marketers

Twitter, with an estimated user base of 200+ million users, now ranks amongst the most popular social media channel. More and more people now use tweets to express themselves or broadcast their messages, and marketers have joined the bandwagon big time.

Marketers use social media in two ways: to spread the word about their products and gain leads in the process; and to engage with prospects and customers, to share information, gather feedback, and build relationships. Twitter allows all these, along with more significant possibilities.

B2B marketers actually derive a strong advantage from using Twitter. The brevity offered by tweets is tailor-made to reach out and engage with B2B clients, who hard pressed for time.

The Twitter community helps businesses spread the word. For instance, media channels are always on the lookout for new tweets to keep their huge base of followers engaged round the clock. These media houses may retweet the B2B marketer’s tweet, provided it solves a compelling need, which may also be the focus of the media news. An example could be the media channel retweeting news of an interesting story about a B2B company focused on the Olympics.

Twitter, by its very nature, attracts a huge fan following, even from strangers. The channel itself offers many options to reach out to a wider range of followers. For instance, Promoted Trends allows the marketer to drive conversations and interest around the product by capturing other user’s attention. Similarly, promoted tweets allow marketers to amplify their tweets to ensure that the tweets reach the targeted group of person, at the right time.

Even without spreading the word, a presence on Twitter has its advantages. Most of the conversations taking place in Twitter are public. Monitoring these tweets using a good reputation management suite allows the marketer to gather feedback about their services and identify new leads.

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