Triggered Emails Increase Responses

In an age where competitive pressures and the obsession with ROI run supreme, marketers increasingly seek to do more with less. A direct result of such an approach is the use of automated marketing systems.

Triggered messages, wherein the automated marketing system triggers an email to a prospect or customer when the prospect undertakes certain actions is one way for marketers to keep pace with their prospects in an efficient way. Here, the marketer pre-feeds the system with set messages that are sent to prospects when they perform a specific action, such as abandoning a shopping cart,or downloading a white paper.

I recently read an article regarding a study published by Epilson called the  “North America Email Trends and Benchmarks”.  This study was based on the analysis of 6.4 billion marketing emails sent by 170 brands with a notable trend of triggered email messages going up by 10.3%  in the third quarter of 2012 compared with the same period in 2011.

Such an increased popularity has its reasons. Triggered email increases response. The Epilson study reveals that triggered messages yielded 75.1% higher open rates and 114.8% higher click rates, compared to non-triggered email. However, the use of triggered email as a marketing tactic is still not as widespread as one would believe. Epilson’s study reveals that just 2.6% of all emails sent are triggered.

Marketing professionals have all seen first hand how communicating relevant content helps to keep prospects engaged, builds brand loyalty and can impact sales.  So it is no surprise that sending relevant content in a  timely fashion would multiply that impact.  In fact, we have seen a number of anecdotal cases of that happening with our clients here at Right On Interactive.

What we have found is that although marketers know what they need to do they struggle to find a system that can be easily integrated with their existing technology as well as a strategy on how best to set up these series of triggered communications.  Right On’s clients have been extremely successful in leveraging our Lifecycle Marketing philosophy to do just that.  To learn more make sure and download our ebook on this topic or reach out to us for a conversation.

At the end of the day, an easy and flexible platform that allows personalizing triggered email communication, instead of generic “batch and blast mails” will increase the engagement, brand loyalty and eventual revenue achieved from your marketing efforts.