What 2013 Holds for the B2B Marketer

The world of marketing is at an inflection point as digital marketing becomes increasingly critical to today’s businesses.

The focus of marketers in the new digital age is to leverage data and social connectivity to create brand advocates. More and more marketers tap into social insights, which allow them to conduct effective campaigns and promotions at a fraction of the cost of normal pre-digital campaigns.

In the past, the marketers allocated fixed budgets for fixed channels, such as television, print, events and conferences, based on what they perceived would generate leads. When digital marketing first came to the scene, marketers merely executed the core messages in a digital context. Digital marketing has evolved significantly since then, and now marketers launch targeted ads that deliver brand-relevant content and stories, gathering more attention from the appropriate audiences at a fraction of the cost. The availability of analytics allows the marketer to change the allocations in real-time to maximize reach. I see this trend continuing to accelerate in 2013 as marketers rely more on digital marketing and less on traditional, antiquated methods.

Marketers are increasingly looking at their customers’ media consumption patterns across all channels and striving to maximize reach, depth, and engagement at various points in the customer lifecycle. Furthermore, rather than allocate budgets based on historic or any other patterns, they are looking to pool their resources and rebalance often, even in real-time, to re-align the channel mix to the most productive areas.  At the end of the day the driving focus for 2013 is how best to engage prospects and customers with your brand across all channels.  Marketers that rely upon a marketing solution like Right On Interactive have the ability to quickly analyze engagement and change direction on their digital marketing efforts.