Twitter Confirms it’s the Social Channel of Choice for B2B Marketers

Analytics is the flavor of the season, as marketers try to make sense of the ever mounting loads of data at their disposal. Data is growing at an exponential rate, as people interact more with social networks and other digital touchpoints. For the marketer, every interaction generates data that offers valuable insights into a customer or prospect behavior, paving way for a deeper and personalized level of engagement.

Twitter launched a new analytics tool in June that allows users to measure interaction and click-throughs of their tweets. It offers a graphical representation of the number of times people have clicked on a tweet and other key metrics, such as follows, unfollows, mentions, retweets and replies. It is possible to sort results and download or import the results. What I find most interesting is the capability to view the top 15% of tweets, in terms of activity.

The Timeline Activity tab offers a bar chart with follows and unfollows over the last 30 days. It provides detailed mentions, follows and unfollows. There is also in-depth information, such as the top five “most unique interests” of followers, top 10 interests of followers, the top countries, demographic and gender breakdown, and more, all accessible by placing the cursor over the main data points. These new analytic tools, available at no cost, are accessible through the Twitter ads dashboard via the analytics button.

The Social Media Benchmarking Report summary produced by B2B Marketing and Circle Research places Twitter as the number one social platform among B2B marketers, with 85% of the marketers using the channel. The next popular channels are LinkedIn, with 82%, YouTube, with 77% and Facebook, with 71%. These new analytics tools make it more marketer-friendly and go a long way in helping keep Twitter at the top spot.

Have you utilized Twitter’s analytics tools? What do you think?