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Twitter Marketing: Shorter the Tweet, Better the Spread

The saying “brevity is the soul of wit” has relevance in marketing today. Research has found the average person’s attention span is about 9 seconds, and it’s no coincidence that is also the average length of a sound bite in the news media. In print, this translates to about 23 words. This means a micro-blogging […]

The Importance of Investigative & Predicative Analytics in Customer Engagement

The bedrock of Lifecycle Marketing is in having visibility to the progress of prospects and customers through the stages in their relationships with an organization, from initial contact with your brand to fully engaged brand advocates. The role of the marketer is to provide interactions at each stage in the prospect and customer lifecycle, so that they […]

Triggered Emails Increase Responses

In an age where competitive pressures and the obsession with ROI run supreme, marketers increasingly seek to do more with less. A direct result of such an approach is the use of automated marketing systems. Triggered messages, wherein the automated marketing system triggers an email to a prospect or customer when the prospect undertakes certain […]

How Twitter Helps B2B Marketers

Twitter, with an estimated user base of 200+ million users, now ranks amongst the most popular social media channel. More and more people now use tweets to express themselves or broadcast their messages, and marketers have joined the bandwagon big time. Marketers use social media in two ways: to spread the word about their products […]

Email Marketing Predicted to Be Tougher in 2013

While social media marketing continues to be all the rage, email marketing retains is relevance as the basic medium of communication and lead generation for most businesses. I feel that this will continue to hold true in 2013, but marketers will have to stay on top of the ever-churning trends to derive success from this […]

Creating a Profile of the Prospect

Marketing automation has come a long way in popularity and acceptance. Sirius Decisions estimates the adoption rate of marketing automation to increase by 50 percent by 2015. But success the of marketing automation tools depends on having clearly defined goals in place. This becomes even more important since the marketing landscape is moving away from […]

The New Marketing Paradigm

Change is the only constant in today’s world. New paradigms constantly replace old ones and what worked well in the past is either obsolete or on its way to obsolesce. Marketers need to understand this fact and change their strategies and practices accordingly. While almost all marketers have leveraged the advantages offered by technology, such […]

Successful Lead Generation Practices

lead generation success

A survey on lead generation practices conducted by the BtoB magazine reveals that 74 percent of the marketers have a formal lead generation program in place, and of them, 48 percent have extensive programs in place. However, not all of them find success. The survey lists out several key factors that contribute to the success of the […]

The Challenges of Engaging with Multiple Decision Makers

All marketers work towards generating leads and most of them nurture leads as well. However, not all of them who do so are successful in such tasks. A big challenge faced by marketers when trying to nurture B2B leads is identifying the influencers. A marketer may do a good job in eliciting the interest of […]

The Many Challenges of Handling Marketing Data

The marketer has many analytic tools and strategies at disposal. However, regardless of what such tools promise to deliver, the effectiveness of the tool is only as good as the data it uses. Ensuring that the right data goes into the analytics engine is probably the most underestimated challenge of marketing. A big challenge in […]