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How Analytics Help Marketers

The sheer scale of operations has made analytics an integral part of marketing campaigns. However, many marketers have not yet realized this fact, probably a legacy of the old pre-Internet days when the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of the marketer was the ability to create a catchy tagline or clever promos, and rely on gut […]

How Segmentation Drives Lead Nurturing

Any marketer worth their salt understands the importance of nurturing leads to drive conversions. However, what many marketers do not realize is that there are no one-size-fits all solutions to lead nurturing. Applying the same lead nurturing strategy to all leads does not work. Success depends on identifying the category or type of lead and […]

Deliver the Right Content Type for Effective Engagement

The onus is on marketers to keep incoming leads engaged. Generating leads, and not engaging them, or engaging such leads improperly, is an exercise in futility as such leads would most likely move elsewhere. The way to engage leads and turn them into sales ready opportunities is through innovative marketing communications. Content that engages the […]

Relationships Drive Conversions

Today’s customers are highly aware and leverage the Internet to scour information. Sirius Decisions estimates that B2B buyers are already 70 percent through the buying process before they contact the vendor. To retain customers in such a fluid environment marked by fleeting customer loyalties, marketers need to nurture valuable  relationships with prospects. So, how do […]

Leveraging Accelerator Campaigns

50 percent of qualified leads do not take any action immediately and have to be nurtured to make a purchase. But leads have to progress through the different stages of the marketing lifecycle, and from the marketer’s perspective, faster is better. One significant way marketers make this happen is through accelerator campaigns. Accelerator campaigns attempt […]

Marketers to Promote Customer Loyalty

According to the December 2010 Global Marketing Leadership Online Survey, marketers assign top priority to acquiring new customers (65 percent), increasing brand awareness (40 percent) and improving ROI on marketing interventions (39 percent). Customer loyalty continues to rank well below its actual worth in this misaligned hierarchical representation of marketing priorities. But the changing business […]

Online Ads Hold Their Own

Online ad spending has seen a steady rise over the years. eMarketer estimates the total US online ad spending is at $39.5 billion in 2012, and will reach $62 billion by 2016. A May 2012 survey by RSW/US, a business development company, reveals that 44% of respondents will spend at least half of their total […]

How to Score Leads

Lead scoring allows the marketer to optimize the use of their time and other resources to greatly improve the prospect to conversion ratio. But, the important question on everybody’s mind is how should we score leads? Especially with limited resources. A lead by its very definition indicates probability or likelihood. The straightforward answer as to how […]

How to Measure Effectiveness of Different Channels in Lead Generation

Today’s hyper-competitive world breathes ROI. Every marketer conducts a thorough analysis of which channel (social media, paid searches, ads, email and others) works best in delivering leads and achieving revenue goals. In reality, this is easier said than done. Even though we admit that social media has become ubiquitous, a recent study conducted by Abode […]

Marketing Automation is Useless Without Great Content

Marketing automation software is an incredible tool. And, yes, it makes a marketer’s life easier. But, don’t let yourself fall into the trap of considering it to be an end-all solution. Marketers who consider their work done when they have an automation software in place are in for a rocky ride. The most crucial part […]