50 percent of qualified leads do not take any action immediately and have to be nurtured to make a purchase. But leads have to progress through the different stages of the marketing lifecycle, and from the marketer’s perspective, faster is better. One significant way marketers make this happen is through accelerator campaigns.

Accelerator campaigns attempt to nudge the prospects through the buying cycle by making the right intervention at the right time. It involves the marketer keeping a close tab on the prospects’ activities and taking the appropriate action in response to specific behaviors.

For instance, the prospect downloading a brochure would be a trigger to reach out to the customer asking what problem they are trying to solve. The prospect visiting the “pricing” web page of the brand multiple times could denote some confusion, hesitation, or technical glitch on the webpage, which invites direct contact to the prospect or providing a special offer. Similarly, if a prospect remains struck at the same level without any recent activity, it may be a trigger to try something different.

Marketers have to develop multiple accelerator paths based on the interest level and the buying stage for each prospect. Make sure you clearly specify steps or call to actions that indicate progress to the next level.

The benefit for marketers is not just limited to the prospect moving to conversion faster. Such trigger-based accelerator campaigns also allow the marketer to gain valuable experience on what would likely work (or not!) in specific situations.

Have you tried accelerator campaigns?

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