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The Importance of a Seamless Touchpoint Experience

Customer experience is considered a top strategic priority by 93% of the respondents in a Forrester’s Q4 2011 Global Customer Experience Peer Research Panel Online Survey. With the multitude of touchpoints available today, most customers are often split between the many choices. Most often, they end up accessing the internet using the touchpoint that is […]

Lifecycle Marketing: The Email Basics

Technology has opened up new channels of communication, but email still retains its dominance in the marketplace. Forrester Research estimates that 89 percent of marketers rely on emails as the primary channel for lead generation. Communication through email dominates other stages of lifecycle marketing as well. However, the delivery rate is a pressing problem. Marketers […]

The Key Challenges of Nurture Marketing

Understanding the basics of lead scoring and lead nurturing will take your success as a marketer to the next level. When scoring leads, some prospects could invariably score high based on the need for the product or service that is offered – but, at the same time, they could rank low on the chance of […]

Is Engaging Customers Worth the Time and Money?

Technology has changed the way customers buy. Not only do prospects and customers have information at their fingertips that allow them to make informed decisions, but they also have the convenience of shopping online, or having the “shop” come to them. Welcome to the age of the educated buyer. Many marketers try to engage the […]

Email Content Relevancy: Why Triggered Content is More Effective

Batch and blast is dying. Many companies, unfortunately, haven’t realized this yet. But as the number of promotional email campaigns sent out by retailers increases, the need for specific, relevant, and triggered content will only increase. “Retailers sent each of their subscribers 177 promotional email campaigns on average last year, up 16 percent from 2010,” […]

Why Your Marketing Automation Solution Needs a Multi-level Scoring Model

Lead scoring is one of the fundamental aspects of marketing automation. In the traditional sense, lead scoring enables you to qualify leads based on their interest in your product or services. The lead score would then go up or down based on the status of your relationship with the customer. Right On Interactive (ROI) takes […]