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Lead Scoring 101

In today’s digital world, scoring prospects is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. Lead scoring not only provides marketers with valuable information on who is visiting their website and interacting with their brand, but it can dramatically improve sales effectiveness. The premise behind lead scoring is simple: assign a ranking to potential new customers […]

Making Sense of Marketing Innovation Programs

Marketing success depends on having a coherent marketing strategy in place that leverages the key strengths of the company to engage with prospects effectively throughout their customer journey. However, in any increasingly competitive world, merely going through the marketing process is not enough. Marketers need to innovate or differentiate to reach out to their prospects […]

Right On Interactive a Trend Setter?

Recently, Right On Interactive was one of eight marketing automation vendors included in Info-Tech Research Group’s Vendor Landscape for Lead Management Automation. To be included in the report was an honor, but to actually earn an award as well is the icing on the cake! Not only was Right On categorized as an “Innovator” in the […]

Aligning Marketing Automation with Content Marketing Strategy

With big data analytics and “hyper-customization” becoming indispensable to generate leads and engage with prospects effectively, marketing automation has become an integral part of the marketing landscape. B2B estimates 46% of marketers have adopted some form of marketing automation, with 62% of them being strong adopters. By 2014, the tribe of strong adopters will grow substantially […]

Lifecycle Stage: The last piece of the 3D scoring equation

Recently, I introduced how Right On Interactive scores leads and customers in 3D. We’ve discussed the important roles both profile and engagement play in 3D scoring so now it’s only appropriate to dive into the last piece of the equation: lifecycle stage. It’s not enough to score leads and customers based upon their profile fit […]

How to Engage the Teenage Prospects of Colleges and Universities

Unlike most conventional marketing, directed towards a predominantly adult customer base, traditional colleges and universities aim to reach teenage prospects. Teens think differently and place different values on pricing, marketing and product selection, depending on the product or location. Therefore, marketers need to think differently, too, when engaging with younger audience. One valuable approach to reaching […] + ExactTarget: Validation for all technical marketers

Last week was definitely an interesting one in the marketing world. After years of marketing technology taking a back seat to other technologies, we saw a resounding vote for the importance of marketing in today’s business world from software leader in their $2.5 billion dollar acquisition of ExactTarget. Congratulations to Marc Benioff, Scott Dorsey and team […]

How “Smarter” Institutions of Higher Education Succeed

The all-pervasive nature of technology has forced colleges and universities to overhaul their systems and procedures, and embrace technology to remain competitive. One of the biggest impacts in technology within higher education is in marketing to prospective students. Flexibility Today’s youth are connected to the Internet practically every moment they are awake, and any communication […]

Big Data and the Problem of Plenty

Big Data marketing is the new black for marketers. While it unlocks many possibilities, it also brings about a pleasant problem: the problem of plenty. Running Big Data marketing campaigns results is an exponential growth in the number of leads. Running the Big Data analytics at a deeper level would separate the good from the […]

Why is Big Data important?

In part one of this big data series, we defined big data and looked at some of the components it’s comprised of. Now we want to look at some of the advantages big data offers. According to a recent report in Forbes, academic research found companies that incorporated data and analytics into their operations show […]