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How Big Data Facilitates Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is an integral part of the marketing lifecycle. Since lead scoring determines which [...]

The Key Challenges Facing Content Marketing Today

I came across the just-released 2013 B2B Content Marketing Report the other day and wanted to [...]

How Big Data Helps Marketers Make Educated Decisions

All too often marketers rely on gut feelings or hunches to make a decision. From [...]

Integrating Email and Social Media Allow the Marketer to Reap Rich Dividends

While email is one of the most popular and effective channels for marketing communications, social [...]

How Twitter Helps B2B Marketers

Twitter, with an estimated user base of 200+ million users, now ranks amongst the most [...]

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What 2013 Holds for the B2B Marketer

The world of marketing is at an inflection point as digital marketing becomes increasingly critical [...]

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B2B Marketers Embrace Social Media in a Big Way

While B2B marketers lagged behind their B2C counterparts in the use of social media, this [...]

Twitter + Marketing Automation

With our latest release, I am happy to announce that we have rolled out another [...]

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