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Lead Scoring: Finding Your Next Pair of Pants

Lead Scoring

How do you find your next pair of pants? Do you go to a store that you have never been before, look at unfamiliar brands, and try on 12 different sizes? Well, if you do what I just described, let me give you a hint: you are doing it wrong. When most rational human beings […]

3D Lead Scoring: the Future of Lead Scoring

3D Lead Scoring

How do you feel about 3D movies? Whether they be at home or in theater, it seems like the jury is still out regarding this viewing experience. Personally, I’m still a fan of the traditional 2D viewing experience. I enjoy watching movies without thinking that I may actually be struck by a semi coming out […]

Twitter + Marketing Automation

With our latest release, I am happy to announce that we have rolled out another new feature related to social media, this time around Twitter. This new feature is called “ROI Social – Twitter” and builds on one of the core strengths of the Right On Interactive product – Scoring. In short, Right On Interactive […]

Integrating Cross-Channel Activities

Web. Blog. Social Media. Email marketing. The list goes on and on. Each channel by itself is easy to engage, but integrating these cross-channel activities to work cohesively to promote the company’s objectives, including branding, is hard work indeed. One way to ensure effective integration is to align the matrices of all the different channels […]