Twitter + Marketing Automation

With our latest release, I am happy to announce that we have rolled out another new feature related to social media, this time around Twitter. This new feature is called “ROI Social – Twitter” and builds on one of the core strengths of the Right On Interactive product – Scoring. In short, Right On Interactive now lets marketers link the Twitter activity occurring around their company’s Twitter handle directly to the person & company that it is originating from – combining it into the stream of related marketing analytics that is enabling companies to truly create a one view of your prospects and customers.

In todays social world there are an ever-increasing number of products that will help a marketer send out marketing messages into the social stream. Most of these marketing automation apps focus on helping marketers to send outbound messages and to monitor the responses. I like to call such products “loudspeakers” as the primary objective is to simply try to amplify a broad marketing message out to a broad audience. At Right On we have taken a different approach with our social media features and functionality. We focus on giving the marketers the tools they need to understand the impact that social streams like Twitter are having in building the relationship between prospects, customers and other stakeholders to your brand.

Our new ROI Social Twitter integration allows for marketers to have visibility to the high level metrics as well as to show which individuals are most active on Twitter.  Reports identify the most popular hashtags and links, so marketers can better understand the content that is driving the most traffic, making social media messages more relevant.  Individual activity on Twitter can be associated with prospect and customer data already in the ROI Customer Lifecycle Marketing™ solution.   This allows for a marketer to score activity by its Twitter followers and to create a one view of their prospects and customers that is inclusive of this key communication channel.

For example, as a marketer you may decide that when someone follows you on twitter that’s worth two points; when someone retweets one of your tweets that shows high level of engagement and is worth five points, while if someone direct messages you that shows the highest level of engagement and it is worth ten points. Right On monitors Twitter activity around your Twitter handle and as your prospects and customers follow, retweet and direct message you their engagement score with your brand will increase to account for that. This scoring will move them along the engagement axis of the Lifecycle Map in your ROI account, allowing you and your sales team to focus on the most engaged prospects & customers in your sales pipeline.