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Changes to Gmail and the impact on email marketing

If you are a Gmail user, you may have noticed a new tab format rolled [...]

The Key Challenges of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is imperative in a sophisticated infrastructure, as it frees the marketer from being [...]

Need for an Integrated Marketing Approach

Email marketing is still at the heart of most marketing communication plans. In addition, most [...]

How Big Data Helps Marketers Make Educated Decisions

All too often marketers rely on gut feelings or hunches to make a decision. From [...]

Facebook Paid Messages: Marketing Advantage or Annoyance?

Facebook is testing a new feature called paid messaging. It will let users send a [...]

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Integrating Email and Social Media Allow the Marketer to Reap Rich Dividends

While email is one of the most popular and effective channels for marketing communications, social [...]

Twitter Marketing: Shorter the Tweet, Better the Spread

The saying “brevity is the soul of wit” has relevance in marketing today. Research has [...]

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The Changing Nature of Email Marketing

Among the many innovations in the b2b marketing landscape, email retains its relevance as the [...]

Features of a Good Automated Email Marketing Platform

Conventional marketing wisdom places great value to “batch and blast” emails, wherein the marketer sends [...]

Why Dirty Data is the Death of a Marketer

Today’s marketers face unprecedented challenges in adjusting to those posed by new media and changing [...]