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Deliverability: Before and After a Send


“Oh, I don’t think I got that email.” This is not just a convenient excuse; it’s also the last thing you want to hear if you’re in email marketing. According to ReturnPath, about 10-20% of your emails won’t reach their intended recipient. Preparing more before a send can result in increased deliverability. Analyzing your data after […]

Numbers mean stuff: Get real with your email reporting

email reporting

I am a what some people refer to as a “rabid” sports fan. I am also a lover of random statistics. Most dear to my heart on the sports front is my alma mater, Purdue University, and its basketball team. AJ Hammons is one of the best centers in the country, but he is not […]

How to Avoid the Spam Folder

How to Avoid the Spam Folder You spend hours writing content and developing the perfect email template for your message. You test it once, twice, maybe even three times to be sure the images render correctly and all the links work, sending recipients to your desired website locations. You have your segment of contacts ready […]

7 Email Marketing Design Tips for 2016

In a world filled with spam filtering technology, various web browsers, multiple email platforms, and numerous electronic viewing devices, the strategic layout and design of your email marketing has the potential to get your emails noticed, or better yet, ignite your audience into taking action. Being conscious of a few key elements can make a […]

Leveraging Data to Build Better Customer Personas

It’s like the popular movie, The Hunger Games. Every individual that lives within the districts automatically qualifies to have their name-card in the reaping one time when they turn 12 (whether they like it or not). No matter how fast they run or how far they go, that card has a way of tracking them […]

Multichannel Marketing: How to Go Beyond the Buzzword

Multichannel Marketing

A lot of marketers like love to use the phrase “multichannel marketing.” Not many marketers admit that this phrase is overused. This phrase is overused! We all have that boss, colleague, or friend who speaks exclusively in business cliches, right? Phrases like the following tend to make me cringe: “Move the needle,” “Too many cooks […]

How To Leverage the “Out-of-Office” Reply


I love to receive out of-office-replies. Yes, you read that right! Now that I have your attention due to the fact that you think I may be clinically insane, hear me out. Seriously, more often than not, out-of-office replies contain valuable information that I can use to better understand an organization or individual. This additional […]

Marketing Automation Benefits in Slow to Change Industries

For those outside of the information technology industry, marketing automation may still be a relatively foreign concept. However, as a marketer – no matter your industry – it’s important to be aware of the potential benefits of automated platforms. Consider that 63% of companies growing faster than their competition use marketing automation (The Lenskold Group). […]

Construction Marketing that Builds Revenue

construction marketing

Welcome back to the final chapter of this blog regarding today’s construction industry landscape. So far we have covered the problem with “batch and blast” emails, capitalizing on your website, and the bid process being a poor example of “sales and marketing.” Relationships and Pricing Have you ever been told that you lost a bid […]

The Evolution of Construction Sales and Marketing

construction sales and marketing

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to building construction, the most archaic industry in the world.” My father, a graduate of the Purdue school of Building Construction Management, heard this phrase on one of his first days in class, and it has stuck in his mind ever since. Do you think this statement holds true today? In […]