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TweetChat: Customer communication preferences

How does your customer want to be communicated with? It sounds like a rather simple [...]

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Canada’s New Anti-Spam Law

Last week, a bunch of articles and blog posts were published on Canada’s new anti-spam [...]

Do you use email?

What better way to celebrate Halloween than by discussing the scariest question I’ve ever heard [...]

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Five Tips for Successful Email Engagement in a Multi Device World

Email, despite the challenges, remains one of the best ways to reach out to customers. However, [...]

The Cost of an Email Address

These days it seems like everyone has at least one email address. I have three [...]


Content Marketing: Delivering Interesting, Custom Content

Content marketing is a popular topic these days. Everyone is looking for advice and best [...]

5 Ways to Set Up Dynamic Content Using Marketing Automation

Audience relevance is the most important element of content success, followed by engaging and compelling [...]

Changes to Gmail and the impact on email marketing

If you are a Gmail user, you may have noticed a new tab format rolled [...]

Need for an Integrated Marketing Approach

Email marketing is still at the heart of most marketing communication plans. In addition, most [...] + ExactTarget: Validation for all technical marketers

Last week was definitely an interesting one in the marketing world. After years of marketing [...]