TweetChat: Customer communication preferences

How does your customer want to be communicated with? It sounds like a rather simple question but it’s not easy to answer. Simply described, customer communication preference management is when customers opt in or out of an organization’s communication methods (i.e., email, SMS and social media updates). However, it’s much larger than that. Customer communication preferences should be establishing a two-way dialogue between an organization and their customers. Sending an email to a customer is an activity — when they take an action based upon that message, that’s engagement. Engagement drives relationships and relationships drive revenue.

Customer communication preferences don’t solely apply to marketing communications. In fact, in a Forrester Research blog post, Kate Leggett shares “consumers’ preferences for customer service channels are rapidly changing.” While voice continues to be the most used communication channel for service, it’s followed by a very diverse crows of options including chat, email and social media.

According to Leggett, this means organizations must understand their customers’ communication channel preferences and be prepared for them to change over time.

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TweetChat: Customer Communication Preferences

Date: Wednesday, Feb. 12
Time: 2:00pm EST
Where: #ROImktg

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