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Lifecycle Stage: The last piece of the 3D scoring equation

Recently, I introduced how Right On Interactive scores leads and customers in 3D. We’ve discussed the important roles both profile and engagement play in 3D scoring so now it’s only appropriate to dive into the last piece of the equation: lifecycle stage. It’s not enough to score leads and customers based upon their profile fit […]

Webinar: Data + Content and the Ideal Customer

Last month I had the pleasure of collaborating with Gary Galvin of Galvin Technologies on our webinar, “Using Data & Content to Find the Ideal Customer.” Galvin Technologies is a full-service web and software company whose services are to provide effective web design and development, web strategy along with custom software application development. It’s always interesting to work with subject matter experts from other […]

Salesforce.com + ExactTarget: Validation for all technical marketers

Last week was definitely an interesting one in the marketing world. After years of marketing technology taking a back seat to other technologies, we saw a resounding vote for the importance of marketing in today’s business world from software leader Salesforce.com in their $2.5 billion dollar acquisition of ExactTarget. Congratulations to Marc Benioff, Scott Dorsey and team […]

How “Smarter” Institutions of Higher Education Succeed

The all-pervasive nature of technology has forced colleges and universities to overhaul their systems and procedures, and embrace technology to remain competitive. One of the biggest impacts in technology within higher education is in marketing to prospective students. Flexibility Today’s youth are connected to the Internet practically every moment they are awake, and any communication […]

Big Data and Your Website: Personalizing the Customer Experience

Data is the new natural resource. What steam and oil did during the industrial revolution data is doing for us now. Today, we are competing on a whole different scale and the company that is able to collect the most relevant data will win. IBM CEO, Ginny Rometty, was recently quoted as saying that “Data […]

How Big Data Facilitates Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is an integral part of the marketing lifecycle. Since lead scoring determines which prospects are sales-ready, getting this right is important to ensure the success of the entire marketing effort. There are many ways and approaches to score leads, but regardless of the approach, there are certain blind spots. For instance, a marketer […]

Twitter + Marketing Automation

With our latest release, I am happy to announce that we have rolled out another new feature related to social media, this time around Twitter. This new feature is called “ROI Social – Twitter” and builds on one of the core strengths of the Right On Interactive product – Scoring. In short, Right On Interactive […]

Creating a Profile of the Prospect

Marketing automation has come a long way in popularity and acceptance. Sirius Decisions estimates the adoption rate of marketing automation to increase by 50 percent by 2015. But success the of marketing automation tools depends on having clearly defined goals in place. This becomes even more important since the marketing landscape is moving away from […]

3 Tips to Making Time for Marketing Automation

Let’s face it. It’s 2013, and we’ve made resolutions as individual and as businesses for the New Year, just like we did last year and like we did the year before. Did we keep them? Maybe. But most of the time we’re so busy keeping up with our daily work that we don’t “have time” […]

Traits of a Good Lifecycle Marketing Platform

The marketer’s world is becoming increasingly complex. We need to engage across multiple channels while ensuring consistency across channels, continually update our tactics and plans and execute campaigns fast to counter increasingly fickle customer loyalties and shorter attention spans. Right On Interactive has found that more and more marketers now rely on marketing lifecycle software to […]