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Marketing Automation is Useless Without Great Content

Marketing automation software is an incredible tool. And, yes, it makes a marketer’s life easier. But, don’t let yourself fall into the trap of considering it to be an end-all solution. Marketers who consider their work done when they have an automation software in place are in for a rocky ride. The most crucial part […]

The Importance of Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Today, marketers are caught between the pressures of fickle customers and a hypercompetitive business environment.They are forced to engage the customers one-on-one, based on their terms of engagement. But, do efforts at customization and providing personalized marketing solutions provide any significant benefits? A survey conducted by SAS and Leger Marketing in May 2012 among Internet […]

Email’s Role in Marketing Automation

Email has been rated as the most successful digital marketing and engagement tool by 67% of marketers worldwide, shown by the May 2012 data from the Chief Marketing Officer Council. This finding is also supported by the June statistics from Direct Marketing Association (DMA), which reveal higher open rates and clickthrough rates for emails sent […]

How to Move the Right People through the Customer Lifecycle

Customer lifecycle marketing enables your business to win and retain more customers, optimize marketing effectiveness, and maximize the lifetime value of customers. Of course, everyone wants to see their business succeed in these ways. However, most marketing automation solutions focus solely on lead acquisition, which is only one ingredient in the more robust recipe for […]

Why Your Marketing Automation Solution Needs a Multi-level Scoring Model

Lead scoring is one of the fundamental aspects of marketing automation. In the traditional sense, lead scoring enables you to qualify leads based on their interest in your product or services. The lead score would then go up or down based on the status of your relationship with the customer. Right On Interactive (ROI) takes […]