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The New Marketing Paradigm

Change is the only constant in today’s world. New paradigms constantly replace old ones and what worked well in the past is either obsolete or on its way to obsolesce. Marketers need to understand this fact and change their strategies and practices accordingly. While almost all marketers have leveraged the advantages offered by technology, such […]

How Marketers Can Make a Smooth Transition to Customer Lifecycle Approach

Forrester Research estimates that almost half of all B2B marketers close fewer than 4 percent of marketing generated leads. The bulk of the sales now come from sources such as referrals, upsells and repeats, which are outside the conventional funnel. The focus of new-age marketers is therefore customer lifecycle marketing, or engaging the prospect throughout […]

The Many Challenges of Handling Marketing Data

The marketer has many analytic tools and strategies at disposal. However, regardless of what such tools promise to deliver, the effectiveness of the tool is only as good as the data it uses. Ensuring that the right data goes into the analytics engine is probably the most underestimated challenge of marketing. A big challenge in […]

Marketing Reporting May Either Aid or Hinder the Marketing Effort

Many marketers consider crunching numbers a drag, it takes away time from the “front” where they can engage with customers and generate more sales. However, metrics and reporting are unavoidable. Without these tools, the marketer cannot keep track of their work or measure the success of their strategies. Automated solutions provide an answer to this pressing […]

Qualities of a Good Marketing Automation Software

The success of any large scale marketing campaign depends on the efficiency and the robustness of the automated system in place. More often than not, the marketer’s performance directly relates to the information tracked and the depth of analytics provided by the system. At the very core, a good automated system identifies the people who […]

Marketing Automation: How Much is Too Much?

Many organizations have taken the automation route to keep pace with the demands of the fast paced environment they operate in. Marketing automation allows organizations to capture, score and nurture leads. However, automation is by no means the magic wand that would make all marketing related hitches disappear. In fact, too much of automation itself […]

Marketing Automation Integrates Marketing and Sales

Conventional wisdom holds marketing and sales as two distinct departments, with the marketers generating and nurturing leads and passing them on to sales when the prospect is sales-ready. While there have been clarion-calls for increased cooperation between marketing and sales team, the latest developments, especially in marketing automation, tends to blur the distinction between marketing […]

Deliver the Right Content Type for Effective Engagement

The onus is on marketers to keep incoming leads engaged. Generating leads, and not engaging them, or engaging such leads improperly, is an exercise in futility as such leads would most likely move elsewhere. The way to engage leads and turn them into sales ready opportunities is through innovative marketing communications. Content that engages the […]

Transforming Customer Engagement Via Automation

Customers are more informed than ever before, and, in many cases, they rarely interact with sales personnel throughout the sales lifecycle when they are completing transactions over the Internet. Automation, in its core sense, means a machine makes the decisions without pausing for human intervention. In such a tech-centric world, automating marketing functions makes sense. […]

The Key Challenges to Automating Customer Engagement

Automating marketing and customer engagement has tons of potential, but such potential translates to reality only when automation is done right. Technology is the least of a marketer’s concerns when considering automation. With adequate funds and executive management support, marketers can easily adopt the right software to automate crucial marketing and engagement processes. The key […]