Qualities of a Good Marketing Automation Software

The success of any large scale marketing campaign depends on the efficiency and the robustness of the automated system in place. More often than not, the marketer’s performance directly relates to the information tracked and the depth of analytics provided by the system.

At the very core, a good automated system identifies the people who respond to a marketing campaign, sift such people’s profile through the pre-fed parameters to identify leads likely to convert, and then provides information about leads. For instance, the automated engine identifies the leads who have clicked a targeted ad, responded to an email and more.

Complete automated systems go beyond this primary task of lead acquisition to assist the marketer through lead nurturing and the entire customer lifecycle marketing phase. Comprehensive automated software measures everything related to the lead to better assist the marketer in engaging with the prospect. The automated engine applies analytics to the data scoured from various sources to determine the prospect’s likely action and provide such insights to the marketer. It also provides valuable insight into whether the lead is sales ready.

When the lead is sales ready and passed on to sales, good automated software reveals granular details to sales on the various stages that a prospect has gone through in the marketing lifecycle. This provides the sales team with crucial insights, and the prospect with continuity in the relationship. A good system allows integration of the company’s internal systems.

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