Multiple Communication Channels is a Double Edged Sword for Marketers

The success of any marketing campaign depends on delivering the right message to the right audience through the right medium.

The proliferation of marketing channels poses a big challenge for marketers in identifying the right medium to deliver their marketing campaigns.

Today’s customers remain more connected than ever before. While this should apparently make the marketer’s task easy, an increasing number of prospects are not constantly connected to any one source. In fact, they keep on shifting their loyalties from one medium to another. Identifying the most appropriate channel and delivering the message at the right time poses a big problem for marketers.

Marketers try to overcome this scenario by launching a marketing channel across multiple campaigns. For instance, they try to reach out to a targeted prospect by issuing a tweet, sending out an email, running ads on internet sites the prospect is most likely to visit, and even call up the prospect over telephone. Such an approach can actually reap rich dividends over focusing on any one or two mediums, but the trick is in coordinating the delivery across multiple channels and ensuring the singularity of the message across each channel.

Scale Computing adopted a similar strategy at the launch of its new NO-5 storage cluster product. The company uses Right On’s lifecycle marketing solution to enable a multi-channel integrated solution to engage its prospects. The launch encompassed pre-product release communications, social media campaigns, with the actual announcement being spread over all possible channels, including telemarketing. The analytics provided by ROI’s automated system helped to coordinate the communications across multiple channels, thus helping to increase visibility and engagement multifold.