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The evolving marketing technology landscape

It has been very interesting to watch the quickly evolving marketing technology landscape with new companies coming on the scene, Marketo launching an IPO earlier this year, Eloqua being acquired by Oracle, Salesforce.com’s recent announcement to purchase ExactTarget + Pardot and more recently, Adobe’s acquisition of Neolane. This activity underscores the rapid innovation occurring to […]

Twitter Offers New Innovations to Boost Lead Generation

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are head and shoulders above other social media channels, especially among B2B marketers. LinkedIn tops the list with 80% of B2B marketers using this channel. Facebook comes second with 75% and Twitter follows close behind, with 74% of B2B marketers patronizing this social media channel. As Twitter tries to close the gap, […]

How “Smarter” Institutions of Higher Education Succeed

The all-pervasive nature of technology has forced colleges and universities to overhaul their systems and procedures, and embrace technology to remain competitive. One of the biggest impacts in technology within higher education is in marketing to prospective students. Flexibility Today’s youth are connected to the Internet practically every moment they are awake, and any communication […]

The Path to a More Profitable Website

Simply put, your website must be about impacting business performance and success. Although SEO and SEM are important to attracting new visitors to your website, it’s often viewed as the only metric in many executive meetings. In addition, although important to the brand and user experience, design can also distract website owners from what’s important […]

Big Data and Data Mining

Earlier in our Big Data series, we identified some of the initial steps Right On Interactive follows when helping clients identify data issues. After identifying what data points are important and why, the second step is to begin a process known as Data Mining. Data Mining helps us determine the quality of each important data […]

What 2013 Holds for the B2B Marketer

The world of marketing is at an inflection point as digital marketing becomes increasingly critical to today’s businesses. The focus of marketers in the new digital age is to leverage data and social connectivity to create brand advocates. More and more marketers tap into social insights, which allow them to conduct effective campaigns and promotions […]

The Challenges of Engaging with Multiple Decision Makers

All marketers work towards generating leads and most of them nurture leads as well. However, not all of them who do so are successful in such tasks. A big challenge faced by marketers when trying to nurture B2B leads is identifying the influencers. A marketer may do a good job in eliciting the interest of […]

Apply Lead Scoring to Increase Marketing ROI

Marketers are hard pressed as ever in today’s competitive business environment to increase their returns on investment (ROI) for every marketing dollar spent. Increasing the quality of the leads is one way to ensure a high conversion rate for the leads generated, increasing the efficiency of the marketing efforts and the ROI. Lead scoring allows […]

Online Ads Hold Their Own

Online ad spending has seen a steady rise over the years. eMarketer estimates the total US online ad spending is at $39.5 billion in 2012, and will reach $62 billion by 2016. A May 2012 survey by RSW/US, a business development company, reveals that 44% of respondents will spend at least half of their total […]

Successful Engagement Strategies in a Customer Centric World

Successful Engagement Strategies in a Customer Centric World

Today’s customers meet marketers on their own terms, and expect to receive a high level of professionalism and real-time commitment. The modern marketer needs to succeed under these new engagement paradigms, where the customer is in control and very often makes new demands at the point of engagement. Success often depends on personalization, relevance, and […]