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Big Data and its Business Value

When talking about Big Data, the first question people often ask me is how I [...]

Keys to Solving Big Data Issues

Earlier in our big data series we explored the rise of big data and some [...]


Big Data: What does “Big” mean?

Google “Big Data”; you’ll see talk of terabytes, petabytes, exabytes. Yes, searching and summarizing massive [...]


Big Data and Your Website: Personalizing the Customer Experience

Data is the new natural resource. What steam and oil did during the industrial revolution [...]

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Why is Big Data important?

In part one of this big data series, we defined big data and looked at [...]

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Groupon CEO: What His Departure Can Teach Us About Data and Building Customer Relationships

Groupon’s CEO, Andrew Mason, was fired by the company he helped co-found, but it’s Mason’s [...]

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Successful Lead Generation Practices

A survey on lead generation practices conducted by the BtoB magazine reveals that 74 percent of [...]

How to Clean Up Dirty Data

The importance of cleaning up your marketing database can never be understated. Failure to do [...]

Why Dirty Data is the Death of a Marketer

Today’s marketers face unprecedented challenges in adjusting to those posed by new media and changing [...]

Customer Segmentation Best Practices

Segmentation provides incredible insights about the prospect and the customer. But, the effort and cost [...]