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Big Data and its Business Value

When talking about Big Data, the first question people often ask me is how I would define it. Though this usually leads into conversations about the amount of data companies are collecting, I believe it misses the true meaning behind Big Data. Big Data isn’t about how much data a company has, it’s about what business value companies can […]

Keys to Solving Big Data Issues

Earlier in our big data series we explored the rise of big data and some of the specific factors that define it. We also examined a handful of reasons why big data is important and why companies and governments alike are using it to predict trends and customer behavior. In this installment we’ll take a […]

Big Data: What does “Big” mean?

Google “Big Data”; you’ll see talk of terabytes, petabytes, exabytes. Yes, searching and summarizing massive amounts of data is a challenge, but there are tougher challenges on the path to – as Lauren Littlefield put it recently – “amazing insights”. Let’s call another challenge “complexity meets the unknown”. We recently worked on a 42 megabyte […]

Big Data and Your Website: Personalizing the Customer Experience

Data is the new natural resource. What steam and oil did during the industrial revolution data is doing for us now. Today, we are competing on a whole different scale and the company that is able to collect the most relevant data will win. IBM CEO, Ginny Rometty, was recently quoted as saying that “Data […]

Why is Big Data important?

In part one of this big data series, we defined big data and looked at some of the components it’s comprised of. Now we want to look at some of the advantages big data offers. According to a recent report in Forbes, academic research found companies that incorporated data and analytics into their operations show […]

Groupon CEO: What His Departure Can Teach Us About Data and Building Customer Relationships

Groupon’s CEO, Andrew Mason, was fired by the company he helped co-found, but it’s Mason’s farewell letter to his employees that’s been generating a lot of discussion. Mason wrote, “If there’s one piece of wisdom that this simple pilgrim would like to impart upon you: have the courage to start with the customer. My biggest […]

Successful Lead Generation Practices

lead generation success

A survey on lead generation practices conducted by the BtoB magazine reveals that 74 percent of the marketers have a formal lead generation program in place, and of them, 48 percent have extensive programs in place. However, not all of them find success. The survey lists out several key factors that contribute to the success of the […]

How to Clean Up Dirty Data

dirty data

The importance of cleaning up your marketing database can never be understated. Failure to do so may result in total waste of the marketing effort and the associated time and investment. Cleaning up dirty data can be a nightmare, depending on how much time and effort you have already invested in it. The following methodology can help: […]

Why Dirty Data is the Death of a Marketer

Today’s marketers face unprecedented challenges in adjusting to those posed by new media and changing buyer habits. Marketers respond to these challenges by trying to overcome the barriers posed by business processes, resources, and technology, but usually ignore the challenges pertaining to data. They focus on planning projects, aligning team goals, developing content, training staff, […]

Customer Segmentation Best Practices

Segmentation provides incredible insights about the prospect and the customer. But, the effort and cost that go into segmentation is normally pretty high. How can marketers pursue customer segmentation relentlessly if there is no reliable way to measure its ROI? There are many segmentation tools available in the market, but these tools merely automate the […]