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The Cost of an Email Address

These days it seems like everyone has at least one email address. I have three [...]


Google says goodbye to keywords

No doubt you’ve already heard the day everyone in online advertising and marketing has been [...]


Marketing throughout the Customer Journey

You’ve seen and studied the diagrams. Maybe you paid to hear subject matter experts talk [...]

A Survival Guide for Big Data

Recently, we shared how dealing with big data can be like getting lost in the [...]

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Engagement matters, too

Engagement indicates a person’s level of commitment. It can come in many forms, such as [...]


Defining and understanding the customer profile

Ask your sales, marketing and client success teams to define a typical customer for your [...]


Lead and customer scoring in 3D

There can be quite a difference between who your customers are, who you think they [...]


3 Ways Marketers Can Leverage Big Data

A recent Gartner Survey, “Predicts 2013: Information Innovation,” reveals 42% of respondents have either invested in [...]

How to Overcome Big Data Challenges

A survey conducted by the SAS Institute reveals that 67% of companies use big data [...]

Big Data Success Hinges on Putting the Customer First

Marketing (and big data!) is the engine that fuels company growth. To be effective, the [...]

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