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Big Data: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Many companies who invest in a big data platform hoard data. These organizations collect vast [...]


Right On Interactive: Celebrating Seven Years

Today is Right On Interactive’s seventh birthday! We are very excited and have planned a [...]


Data Validation: The Last Piece of the Big Data Puzzle

In our last post, we discussed the importance of using Big Data to create a [...]

Data Modeling: Do the Numbers Match the Theory?

Earlier in this series we looked at the importance of building a profile of your [...]


The Big Data Revolution

The idea of Big Data may seem like a recent development, but the history of [...]

The Path to a More Profitable Website

Simply put, your website must be about impacting business performance and success. Although SEO and [...]

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Big Data Makes the Marketer’s Life Easy

Do you remember life before the Internet? A couple of years ago I attended a [...]

Big Data Retention Goals

Cleaning big data can pose a real challenge to marketers. Customer buying habits change, people [...]

Cleaning Big Data is Key, but What Makes it “Dirty?”

Previously in this series we looked at some of the keys to solving big data [...]

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Big Data and Data Mining

Earlier in our Big Data series, we identified some of the initial steps Right On [...]