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Data Driven Marketing Success with Lifecycle Marketing

Data Driven Marketing

Modern marketing is heavily dependent on customer data. Much of what was once measured by outside market research groups can now be found and analyzed internally by organizations through tools and platforms such as marketing automation, Google Analytics, social media, CRM and ERP. Today, marketers have more insights into how customers are behaving in relationship […]

Top 3: How Content Marketing is Changing the Game

content marketing is changing the game

Measure. Track. Calculate. Prove. Evaluate. Return on investment. Closed loop report. Marketing as an industry has been slow to adopt these words. According to Will Davis, CMTO at Right Source Marketing, “Measurement is absolutely critical to the success of a content marketing program.” One of the only ways that traditional marketing has been measured was […]

Top 4 Ways to Balance Your Content

balance your content

Is more content actually a bad thing for B2B marketing? Many marketers focus on generating large volumes of marketing content to offer detailed and in-depth information to their prospects. With content being the fuel that drives inbound marketing, it seems to make sense to create more and more. However, when it comes to the effectiveness of […]

Top 10: How to be Smarter than a 5th Grader with Lifecycle Marketing

lifecycle marketing

Most of us are familiar with the show, “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader,” which features adults and 5th graders in a battle of wits with seemingly elementary questions.  What if instead of geography, history, math, and science, these questions featured marketing technology questions applicable to the overall success of your business?  Do you […]

Sales Tips For Every Customer Lifecycle Stage – Part II

Sales Tips For Every Customer Lifecycle Stage

Welcome back! Reflecting on Sales Tips For Every Customer Lifecycle Stage – Part I, we explored the first two stages within the B2B customer lifecycle journey: Attract and Convert. Let’s recap: we live in an age where we expect content to be relevant and personalized to us. For instance, first time buyers will need basic product information, […]

Sales Tips For Every Customer Lifecycle Stage – Part I

sales tips for every customer lifecycle stage

Relevancy. This one word describes what Apple has done for us. iPhones, iPads, iTunes…me, me, me. Whether it’s music or a marketing message, we live in a world where we expect and demand a personalized and relevant experience. Does everyone in our sales pipeline and our customer base deserve the same monthly newsletter? Logically, we […]

A Visual Breakdown of Lifecycle Marketing

Breakdown of Lifecycle Marketing

In your search to learn more about marketing automation, you may have come across the term “lifecycle marketing.”  If the numerous marketing automation softwares out there are unfamiliar to you, it may be another term that you are trying to understand in your attempt to uncover the best marketing tech solution for your business. So how does […]

5 Common Marketing Automation Misconceptions

There are countless benefits with the implementation of a marketing automation platform. It can save you time and money while making it easier to nurture leads or build customer profiles, for instance. However, the abundance of buzz surrounding any popular topic brings forth many misconceptions as well. Before you purchase a platform, a few marketing automation misconceptions should be cleared up to […]

Benefits of Marketing Automation for Client Success

When we think about the duties of the client success team, three main responsibilities come to mind: customer training, support, and retention. So how does the implementation of a marketing automation platform help this division as they are tasked with assisting, maintaining, and developing the relationship of the customer? It doesn’t. Not unless communication between […]

How Marketing Automation Benefits the Modern Sales Team

By now, the majority of modern marketers have at least heard the phrase “marketing automation.” As each day passes, more and more companies begin to consider, purchase, and utilize marketing automation. But how can marketing automation affect your sales team? Is it simply a function that cuts down on the manual work within your marketing department, or is there […]