Effective Lead Management

Marketers agree: Effective lead management is critical to unlocking revenue growth potential. According to MarketingSherpa, [...]

How to Engage Prospects in the Purchasing Lifecycle

Do your marketing messages cut through prospects’ inbox clutter? Are you tailoring messages based on [...]

Data Hygiene and Duplicate Management

In today’s marketing and sales landscape, technology is always evolving and continuously improving. As marketing [...]

Personalization: The Human Touch Behind the Customer Journey

In the last couple of years, the concept of ‘content fatigue’ has taken on an [...]

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Your CRM is a Goldmine

It all depends on your industry and the state of your company, but different departments [...]

CRM and Marketing Automation Working Together

Are your CRM and marketing automation solutions working in concert to deliver greater business results? [...]

The Personalization Data You Should Be Collecting

The golden rule of sending emails is relevancy. In a “me, me, me!” society, sending [...]

8 Ways to Speak “Millennial” in Your Emails

First it was our tamagotchis, now it’s our cell phones. A recent Zogby Analtycs poll [...]

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What Mattresses Can Teach You About Multi-Channel Marketing

When was the last time you learned about news from reading an actual newspaper? If [...]

Multi-Channel Marketing for Dummies

Hey marketers! Do you think you’ve got this whole “marketing” thing down? Is something missing [...]