Boost Conversions with Email Segmentation

Do you segment your email lists? Email segmentation is the process of dividing your data [...]

Increase Click-Through Rates with Testing

What’s the best day to send out an email to increase click-through rates? Weekday? Weekend? [...]

The Most Common Email Marketing Mistake

Did you know that the top features of Marketing Automation used by marketers are email marketing [...]

Onboarding New Customers: Higher Retention

If you’re doing the right thing, onboarding new customers is a process that never ends. [...]

5 Keys to Grow Customer Relationships

Is your business evolving with your buyers’ expectations? Does it measure up to the competition? [...]

RFM Analysis Improves Targeted Offers

Do you know the cardinal rule of marketing? It’s simple: “Know Thy Customer.” In this [...]

Omnichannel Marketing Strategies

Does your company deliver a seamless customer experience through every channel and device? In this [...]

Marketing Metrics that Matter

So you’ve got all the enthusiasm in the world because you’re about to launch your [...]

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Social Media Marketing for Small Business

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest – just six of the more popular social [...]

Facebook for B2B Marketing

Today, while many marketers say that LinkedIn is the platform of choice for B2B marketing, [...]

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