Boost Conversions with Email Segmentation

Email Segmentation Image

Do you segment your email lists? Email segmentation is the process of dividing your data into highly targeted lists based on the criteria you define. As a result, personalized messages are more relevant to the recipient. But many marketers are still hesitant about using it. CMOs that fall behind don’t realize that email segmentation increases […]

Increase Click-Through Rates with Testing

Increase Click-through Rates

What’s the best day to send out an email to increase click-through rates? Weekday? Weekend? Early morning, or late afternoon? What subject lines work best? A thought leadership piece or a hard sell? Should the word “FREE” be included in the subject line? When crafting email-marketing campaigns, the aim should be to increase click-through rates. […]

The Most Common Email Marketing Mistake

email marketing mistake

Did you know that the top features of Marketing Automation used by marketers are email marketing (89%), lead nurturing (84%), and integrations such as CRM, mobile, and social? These capabilities have created a new type engagement process. And while all of this is well and good, marketers are still making a common email marketing mistake. Leading marketers […]

Onboarding New Customers: Higher Retention

Image: Onboarding New Customers

If you’re doing the right thing, onboarding new customers is a process that never ends. However, top performers approach the onboarding process in a different way. While brands that fall behind see onboarding as a onetime event for each customer, Best-in-Class companies are considering an ongoing process that continues further and beyond the initial setup. […]

5 Keys to Grow Customer Relationships

Image: Grow Customer Relationships

Is your business evolving with your buyers’ expectations? Does it measure up to the competition? In this article, discover how to attract and grow customer relationships with these five keys to success. The rapid development of marketing and sales tools has opened new vistas for companies of all sizes. It is now feasible, even for […]

RFM Analysis Improves Targeted Offers

Define RFM Analysis

Do you know the cardinal rule of marketing? It’s simple: “Know Thy Customer.” In this article, we explore the simple and effective strategy called RFM analysis to improve customer engagement and increase sales. Businesses with effective marketing strategies take the time to study their customers to target their needs with refinement. Doing so helps them […]

Omnichannel Marketing Strategies

Omnichannel Marketing Strategies

Does your company deliver a seamless customer experience through every channel and device? In this article, discover five omnichannel marketing strategies that create a consistent buyer journey. The state of marketing in the modern digital landscape is undergoing significant changes. What was once mass, “push”-based campaigns like batch and blast emails, has now become more […]

Marketing Metrics that Matter

Marketing Metrics

So you’ve got all the enthusiasm in the world because you’re about to launch your first (or 100th) marketing campaign. You love what you do and you love to see results. But are you good at measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns with the right marketing metrics? Choosing the right metrics to monitor marketing and […]

Social Media Marketing for Small Business

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest – just six of the more popular social media marketing platforms people, as well as businesses, use. Social media is growing at such a rapid rate; Facebook has over one billion accounts! It’s estimated that around five-hundred million tweets are sent out per day and there are two […]

Facebook for B2B Marketing

Facebook for B2B Marketing

Today, while many marketers say that LinkedIn is the platform of choice for B2B marketing, Twitter is not far behind. But what about Facebook for B2B marketing? In today’s digital landscape, Facebook can’t be ignored. It carries the ability to connect with prospects and customers in meaningful and important ways. Social media has been used […]