Onboarding New Customers: Higher Retention

Image: Onboarding New Customers

If you’re doing the right thing, onboarding new customers is a process that never ends. However, top performers approach the onboarding process in a different way. While brands that fall behind see onboarding as a onetime event for each customer, Best-in-Class companies are considering an ongoing process that continues further and beyond the initial setup.

Onboarding new customers happens at each step; from teaching loyal customers about new integrations, or training new customers on how to use the platform, it’s important that customers are and feel like a priority.

According to Forbes, 32% of executives say retaining existing customers is a priority. This is why onboarding is one of the most critical phases in the whole conversion process. It’s the key to getting the attention of customers at every step in order not to lose them.

Tips for Onboarding New Customers

Offer ongoing training

Fifty seven percent of marketers intend to increase their customer loyalty budgets in 2016, according to CrowdTwist. They understand that customers are all different; some adapt quickly to a platform, some need more time to learn how to use it. Those that need more time need to be hand-held. And that means providing attention with every step in order to increase retention rates.

To be effective with all types of customers, you should be providing training programs based on each individual customer behavior. This way, everyone can learn according to how well they adapt. Getting new customers up to speed from acquisition to activation requires the right approach with every customer.

Be available on every channel

In a highly connected society, we are able to reach out to customers in a matter of seconds through email, our website and social media. With the amount of different avenues available to get our messages across, we have to give our customers the most convenient ways of communicating with our brand.

When it comes to onboarding new customers, if a customer wants to reach out to us on Twitter, we have to be there, answering their questions. Many customers use this channel when it comes to asking questions and learning more about our products. This is a powerful way to keep their attention, which results in higher retention rates.

Build Real Relationships

Personalize the experience with every customer in order to strengthen relationships and retain them. Lagging companies treat their customers like a number. This won’t work to keep their attention. By learning more about their interests and goals, it’s best to create an engaging experience.

How is this possible? Collect as much data as you can through engagement to make prospects and customers happy to be your clients. Gaining trust means always being prepared to answer questions, and doing so quickly at that. The quicker you are at responding to inquiries, the more delightful will their experience be.

Key takeaway

Onboarding new customers is an integral part of the communication process. It makes a difference between a higher retention rate or higher churn. By offering users ongoing training and availability on multiple channels, you will be able to retain new customers. How is your onboarding process? Are you achieving success with new customers and retaining them for the long haul?