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Need for an Integrated Marketing Approach

Email marketing is still at the heart of most marketing communication plans. In addition, most brands have gone social as the popularity of social media grows year over year, with customers increasingly using different social media channels daily. Not to mention, dekstops and laptops are giving way to mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. […]

What 2013 Holds for the B2B Marketer

The world of marketing is at an inflection point as digital marketing becomes increasingly critical to today’s businesses. The focus of marketers in the new digital age is to leverage data and social connectivity to create brand advocates. More and more marketers tap into social insights, which allow them to conduct effective campaigns and promotions […]

B2B Marketers Embrace Social Media in a Big Way

While B2B marketers lagged behind their B2C counterparts in the use of social media, this gap is now narrowing and social marketing has taken over a large majority of all industries. 93 percent of the B2B marketers who participated in the survey leading to the 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report used social media for […]

How Marketers Can Make a Smooth Transition to Customer Lifecycle Approach

Forrester Research estimates that almost half of all B2B marketers close fewer than 4 percent of marketing generated leads. The bulk of the sales now come from sources such as referrals, upsells and repeats, which are outside the conventional funnel. The focus of new-age marketers is therefore customer lifecycle marketing, or engaging the prospect throughout […]

Qualities of a Good Marketing Automation Software

The success of any large scale marketing campaign depends on the efficiency and the robustness of the automated system in place. More often than not, the marketer’s performance directly relates to the information tracked and the depth of analytics provided by the system. At the very core, a good automated system identifies the people who […]

Successful Engagement Strategies in a Customer Centric World

Successful Engagement Strategies in a Customer Centric World

Today’s customers meet marketers on their own terms, and expect to receive a high level of professionalism and real-time commitment. The modern marketer needs to succeed under these new engagement paradigms, where the customer is in control and very often makes new demands at the point of engagement. Success often depends on personalization, relevance, and […]

Email’s Role in Marketing Automation

Email has been rated as the most successful digital marketing and engagement tool by 67% of marketers worldwide, shown by the May 2012 data from the Chief Marketing Officer Council. This finding is also supported by the June statistics from Direct Marketing Association (DMA), which reveal higher open rates and clickthrough rates for emails sent […]