How to Leverage the Power of Simplicity

The recent survey by Corporate Executive Board (CEB), a leading research and advisory service provider, a leading research and advisory service provider, shows that many customers prefer simplicity more than over-the-top promotional offers. CEB’s survey seems to suggest that the best type of customer engagement happens when you offer a fast and seamless purchase experience. The […]

Solving the Marketing Conundrum – Are You Underutilizing Your Marketing Automation Tools?

The need for a marketing automation software solution is no longer debatable. Companies must implement solutions to grow revenue or they risk extinction. But, making the choice to implement a marketing automation software solution, and using the solution to its fullest extent, are two separate matters. In a 2011 survey, 50 percent of respondents said […]

Marketing automation and lifecycle marketing, explained.

Marketing automation and lifecycle marketing. How do they fit together? Why should you be using them for your business? In the general sense, marketing automation is defined as automating manual tasks associated with the marketing function. However, most people associate marketing automation with the process of delivering “sales ready leads” to the sales team. If […]

Hear it from the pros – lifecycle marketing spotlight on blog radio

There’s finally some buzz around the concept of lifecycle marketing – this is exciting! But, what is it, really? And, how will it help your business and you, as an individual sales or marketing professional, succeed? It comes down to a couple of crucial components: relationships and engagement. Or, why don’t we combine the two and make […]

How to Create a Cross-Channel Strategy that Works

Creating a cross-channel engagement strategy ranks as one of the most significant marketing needs today. With so many businesses in the marketplace, the focus is now on developing a solid strategy that leverages all possible avenues to keep the organization or the brand top of mind with its ideal prospects and customers. The first step […]

customers + engagement = revenue

The equation is simple: customers + engagement = revenue The obvious focus of every organization is to remain in business and, beyond that, improve business. But, the former comes before the latter as a fact of nature. Another fact in the art of creating a sustainable business model is that the success of an organization […]

Solving the Marketing Conundrum – If You’re Not Using Marketing Automation, You’re Asking to Fail

Marketing automation software is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. In the past, justifying the expense of a marketing solution wasn’t always an easy task for CMOs. But, the advancement of solutions in the marketplace today offer more cost-efficient and result-driven tools. This, coupled with the need to increase revenue with fewer resources, has […]

Is It Possible to Replicate Facebook’s Model of Customer Engagement?

What makes an engaging brand? In the world of social media, Facebook has taken the cake in terms of claiming customers. Organizations like Facebook and Twitter are successful because they have added the secret sauce – they’ve figured out how to get their users to come back repeatedly. This is in part due to the […]

Solving the Marketing Conundrum – The Difficulty of Data-Driven Decisions

Analytics. Forms. Re-tweets. Sales activity. Metrics. Data is the backbone of any organization. Your company captures more of this information every day from multiple sources, interactions, and processes. The big question is: Are you keeping up with it? And if you’re in the minority who are, are you able to make sense of the countless […]