The Game of Engaging Customers

On the lookout for new ways to increase engagement with customers?

One innovative approach that’s yielding impressive results is introducing gaming strategy. Launching interesting mobile and online games that feature your brand is slowly becoming a great way to connect with your customers and prospects.

Take a look at what Aldo did. This multi-channel footwear and accessories store launched an intuitive new mobile game called “Shoe Paradise” embedded to its mobile site. The game, based on Aldo’s products, works to brand Aldo positively with existing and potential customers alike.

The game facilitates a positive interaction between the customer or a potential customer and the brand. At the same time, it provides the company with a valuable outlet to air its products and offers. That being said, the follow up after the game is absolutely as important as the actual game itself.

Aldo, for instance, offers customers who play the game a chance to win prizes ranging from $5 to $500, but the top three prizes depend on the players indulging in a three minute shopping spree after the game. Clever, eh? The company also enhanced its mobile site – the pathway to the game – by incorporating a store locator, showcasing new products prominently, and facilitating easy browsing by categories.

The golden rule when using online games is to increase customer engagement. The game is only the means. The real goal is to spread the word about the brand.

Have you tried using a game to drive engagement? Tell us about it! We’re all in a constant state of learning.