Hear it from the pros – lifecycle marketing spotlight on blog radio

There’s finally some buzz around the concept of lifecycle marketing – this is exciting! But, what is it, really?

And, how will it help your business and you, as an individual sales or marketing professional, succeed? It comes down to a couple of crucial components: relationships and engagement. Or, why don’t we combine the two and make it simple: the key to success is creating engaged relationships.

Right On team on Marketing Tech Blog Radio Show

This idea has been ingrained in our company philosophy since the beginning – we’ve seen the rewards it yields and are working hard to share it with you. We recently were featured as a guest on the Marketing Tech Blog‘s weekly radio show to talk about Right On’s beginnings and, more importantly, how we constructed our original take on the concept of customer lifecycle marketing and have embedded it into not only our business model, but our clients’ business models as well.

I encourage you to check out the radio episode if you haven’t already! (Play the episode below). You’ll hear from the man who has been there, done that, and is now bringing his expertise to our team – Andy Clark (VP, Business Development) – the guy behind the brand and design – Steve Ernstberger (Graphic Designer & Email Specialist) – and the lady spinning the wheels of marketing, myself (Lauren Weatherall, Marketing Manager).

In this episode, learn how to look at your business as a whole (not in segments or parts) and identify what will work for you. Look beyond marketing (gasp! Yes, those words just came out of a marketer’s mouth… er, fingers.) and realize where the other 80 percent of your revenue comes from – and, cultivate it!

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