How to Create a Cross-Channel Strategy that Works

Creating a cross-channel engagement strategy ranks as one of the most significant marketing needs today.

With so many businesses in the marketplace, the focus is now on developing a solid strategy that leverages all possible avenues to keep the organization or the brand top of mind with its ideal prospects and customers.

The first step in creating an engagement strategy is to identify the internal strategic objectives. For instance, is the purpose of engagement to simply build brand awareness? Is it to become a leading innovator or to focus attention on a particular niche? Or, is it simply to maximize sales? There may be more than one reason, but each such strategic reason requires a unique set of channels and campaigns in order to encourage the desired response out of your intended audience. What is important at this stage is to align such channels and campaigns to ensure that the resources are not spread too thin. You also have to ensure that different approaches complement each other instead of detract from one another.

For instance, one effective strategy when trying to sell leading-edge technology to younger generations or tech-savvy professionals is to engage them through Facebook or Twitter. On the other hand, trying to promote the same product in a B2B environment requires more engaging channel approaches like webinars, whitepapers, LinkedIn groups, etc. It is important to tailor your strategies based on the profile of your target markets.

Having selected the right strategy, the next step is to integrate the various cross-channel activities so that they complement each other. The underlying consideration when developing an engagement strategy like this should be to ensure that the overall company strategy, marketing tactics and channel specific engagement matrices align. What is most popular, or considered best by consensus, may not exactly work or suit your company’s specific strategy – develop one that will help your company reach its goals most efficiently and effectively.

Creating a cross-channel strategy takes time, resources, expertise and attention to detail. Feel free to talk to the Right On team to help create and implement a strategy that works for your company and your brand.